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Built for Collaboration

Datature Platform allows users to manage multiple machine learning projects, across multiple data sources. Instance-based project management and API deployments means little to no downtime when retraining your models.

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Work in Instances

Create, Clone or Edit. Your own machine learning pipeline is always a few clicks away.

Web-Based Workflow

Annotate your images, label your data and send task for training. Manage every aspect of your project on the web.

In The Cloud

Instances and data managed in the cloud. Encrypted. Deploy your model as REST API for integration anywhere, anytime.

Intuitive Image Annotation

Accelerating your workflow with in-browser image annotations. Tag and review bounding boxes anytime. Import and visualize image annotations before you begin your machine learning model training.

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Designed for Speed.

Sometimes, you just need an MVP to validate your startup idea. Perhaps you need a quick way to test your research approach. We get it. We have been there. The entire experience is focused on the swift deployment of a model and you simply can't achieve that if you have to switch between tool, create workflows and setup your own server.

Hosted Machine Learning Model

Automated Intelligence Pipeline

Smart Search

You'll never have to start from scratch. Train your object detection model training using multiple search APIs, you can source for more images to train your model directly on our platform. Tag your photos so you can find and use them in similar projects.

Industry Standard

Our cloud are powered by industry leading GPUs and TPUs. Be it model training or serving your prediction as an API, your artificial intelligence workload moves at blazing speed on our stack.

“Datature [previously SEER Analytics] had a very innovative approach to this challenge, brought a very different answer the question than some of the other competitors.
We saw the potential for their idea, a machine-learning API, had an opportunity to empower the industry.”
Caroline Gorski
Group Director of Rolls Royce

Talk to a Human.

From exploring use cases to customized solutions for your next big project, discover how we can help you build a machine learning / vision-based MVP or scaling a prototype to production. From basic questions to complex compliance inquiries, we are here to help.