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Students, Hobbyists or Individuals Training a Cat Detection Model

1,000 Images
300 Minutes GPU Training
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Unlimited Annotations
Unlimited Annotation Exports
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Startups, Research Laboratories, and Advanced Use Cases

200,000 Images
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Just looking for Image Labeling tools?

We cater to teams with existing training pipelines and GPU's simply looking to streamline their image labeling processes with our suite of annotation and QA tools like IntelliBrush.

How many annotations / month?

From $659/ Month

50,000 IntelliBrush Annotations
Equivalent to 1.3 cents / annotation
100,000 Images Included
Unlimited Annotations with Web-Based Annotator
Unlimited Exports for Multiple Annotation Formats
Email + Chat Support
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300,000 IntelliBrush Annotations
Equivalent to 1.2 cents / annotation
300,000 Images Included
Unlimited Annotations with Web-Based Annotator
Unlimited Exports for Multiple Annotation Formats
Email + Chat Support
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Contact Sales

Unlimited IntelliBrush Annotations
Less than 1.0 cent / annotation
Private Cloud Server
Unlimited Annotations with Web-Based Annotator
Unlimited Exports for Multiple Annotation Formats
Dedicated Project Engineer
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For enterprises looking to scale their ML operations, Datature provides turnkey solutions including on-prem storage and SSO. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our engineers, contact us today.

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"Datature had a very innovative approach to this challenge, brought a very different answer the question than some of the other competitors. We saw the potential for their idea, a machine-learning API, had an opportunity to empower the industry."

Caroline Gorski

Group Director - R² Data Labs (Rolls Royce)

"Thanks to Datature, we have great success with our customers. The possibility of cooperation of multiple users has sped up the process more than 10 times....Perfect services, a working platform with fast model calculation, archiving of results, clear design for top support for a ridiculously low fee are the biggest benefits of Datature."

Daniel Vrana

R&D Director- Resim S.R.O
Question 1

How does the GPU training work?

When you create a workflow and set the corresponding parameters, a private compute instance will be created with the transpiled TensorFlow codes. This instance will perform the training on your image data and you will be billed on a per minute basis.

Question 2

Do you have a demo or documentation?

We have a bunch of demos and guides over at! We will be launching a how-to video series explaining our product. That said, you can also reach out to us via our community slack to speak with us as well as our developers. Finally, if you wish to discuss enterprise use cases or projects, just email us at!

Question 3

What type of image data can I use? Do you support videos?

We support JPG and PNG image data format on our platform currently. However, if you have specialized data formats like DICOM or TIFF, you can convert them to either JPGs or PNGs prior to uploading.

We currently do not support video files, but it is a feature we are working hard on!

Question 4

Do you offer synthetic data generation?

Yes, as part of setting up the model training pipeline, users will be able to select from our library of 30+ data augmentations ranging from positional to color space augmentations. All augmentations are performed on-the-fly without incurring additional cost. We encourage users to experiment with various augmentation strategies that make sense for their use case. If you're not sure about the augmentation strategy for your use case, feel free to email us at!

Question 5

How is 'IntelliBrush' different from your existing labeling tools? 

IntelliBrush is our 'AI-enabled' annotator to help streamline the data labeling process for bounding boxes and polygon masks. Instead of dragging bounding boxes and clicking polygon points, labelers simply 'click' on the region of interest to create a pixel perfect mask / bounding box. Check out the a demo of IntelliBrush in action here

Question 6

I'd like to change a plan, how can I do that?

If you'd like to upgrade your plan or cancel an existing plan - please email

Question 7

How secure is your platform?

All labeled data, image assets, and user information is encrypted on Datature's server. We currently use Google Cloud Platform for cloud storage where data is encrypted with GCP's encryption keys and a unique signed url is generated whenever a request is made. Additionally, we do not store any payment information such as credit cards or addresses on our server.